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Review: Aphrodite (by Christine)

The trend right now is fast fashion, instant gratification. But in a small part of Italy, Marco's passion is to provide his customers with unique bags and a unique experience. Without arrogance. He calls them "customer's creations;" what humility! Because really, he created the template, we just tweak it a bit. But the satisfaction at the end of the process is something beautiful, worth the wait. Like a homemade Italian meal, but this is something yours to touch and use forever.

I have a number of Massaccesis, each used for different purposes and able to accomodate my changing moods. I wanted to highlight one of my most functional: Aphrodite, who I requested in dark grey merinos, silver hardware, light blue lining, non-contrasting short straps, no chain on the messenger strap, and an added exterior zippered pocket. But the shape, look, and function? All Marco's design.

I have to give credit here to a wonderful YouTube video that reviewed this bag and helped me to decide to order her. To see the wonderful pleats on the side and to realize that Aphrodite stands up on her own, makes her both pretty and functional!

She lies flat against the body, especially when carrying her as a tote. Marco's bags are so light when you carry them! He designs them so well. I can fit so much in her, yet the opening makes it easy to see inside. Marco's zippers are smooth and glide like butter, yet with substantial hardware. The zippered top on Aphrodite is wonderful for security and during light rain. The easy access to my phone which I keep in the exterior pocket has been very handy. I love having her at a meeting, because it's so easy to keep her open and take things out. I also really like Marco's interior organization design...two D rings, two slip pockets, and one zippered pocket, in cheery light blue!

I almost forgot to mention that the short straps are adjustable! Wow. I love merinos leather. Light, soft, airy, smooshy. I could go on and on, but I want to covey that Marco's bags are both works of art and super functional. Aphrodite has served me well. Thank you so much Marco!


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