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Grande Penelope Messenger: the Bag!

Dear Customers, We are all currently living through one of the worst and most difficult times of our lives with the horrific spread of the Coronavirus. I believe that it's extremely important to remain positive and to start thinking about our future with hope and faith and remember that life is, and will always be, precious and beautiful! Keeping positive has always supported my creativity. With the mandatory production shutdown for 1 week (until Friday April 3rd), I now have the time to bring an idea that I have had for the past 3 to 6 months to fruition. One of MM’s best selling bags is our Penelope Messenger, our little crossbody bag with 2 zip pockets, a central compartment with magnet closure and an exterior slip pocket. We always receive very positive feedback by lots of our customers worldwide who absolutely love their Penelope Messenger. I have also received constructive feedback about this style and changes or enhancements customers would like. The two changes that are most often raised is that Penny Messenger is “ too casual” and secondly it is a little “too small”. Without changing its original concept I decided to create a new version of this style. It will be named "Grande Penelope Messenger". My goal wasn't just to create a bigger version of our PM but to modify its body to create a more structured bag, with more interior space and a different strap attachment. Technically it's a completely different project with a brand new pattern that was designed from the ground up using the styling of the original Penelope Messenger. The body of the Grande PM is far more complex in terms of the assembly process. Compared to our regular PM this new Grande PM has a wider strap (1"), 4 little metallic feet and a wider bottom (3").

To maintain the clean and minimal look of the Penelope Messenger I added very few details to the front and back panels, just enough to create the clean look I was wanting with some additional interest. This new Grande Penelope Messenger is a great opportunity for all those customers who loved PM style but were looking for "something more". Grande PM can be ordered with a shorter strap so that it can be carried on the shoulder. Grande Penelope Messenger price is € 390,00 (all leathers except Vacchetta, price for Vacchetta cowhide is € 410,00). Grande Penelope Messenger is currently in the final stages of development and it will be at least 2 weeks before a sample is produced and photos of our model carrying the bag will be available. I am offering a Special Promotion for customers who place an order for a Large Penelope Messenger starting today through Thursday April 2nd at the special price of € 340,00. Enjoy Grande Penelope Messenger! Stay healthy and safe! Love, Marco

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Sherry Furr
Sherry Furr
Apr 09, 2020

Stellar creation Marco. I love the slightly structured and slightly larger style. I can foresee a Grande Penelope Messenger in my future in one of your awesome leathers.

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