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Handmade Vacchetta

Dear Customers,

I am excited to introduce a fabulous new replacement leather for our current Vacchetta. I will be calling this new exclusive and unique cowhide "Handmade Vacchetta". This new Vachetta raises the quality to a completely new level. “Handmade Vacchetta” is an extremely rare and luxurious leather. Each skin receives a traditional soft and light natural vegetable tanning process, keeping alive the ancient knowledge and traditions of Tuscan leather artisans. These skins are colored by hand and their shiny and glossy surface is developed by the "lissa" process. This is an ancient leather polishing system that makes each skin a unique masterpiece. The typical Vacchetta thickness has been reduced by approx. 30% to lower the weight and obtain a softer leather. The Handmade Vacchetta surface has a glossy finish and the natural leather veins are clearly visible. The result is an incredibly natural leather with a stunning elegant look and a smell that can't be described!

Handmade Vacchetta is produced in Santa Croce sull'Arno (Pisa), a little town close to Florence, by a small team of expert craftsmen who I have known for many years. I am thrilled that they accepted my proposal to work together on this exciting project. It took over 6 months to create the exact leather I had in mind. I am proud to announce we can finally start creating your stunning new MM bag in “Handmade Vachetta”.

Before officially adding Handmade Vacchetta to the MM Leather Selection, I will be offering a 20% rebate on all current MM styles made using this leather. This includes a free hardware and lining upgrade. This 2 DAY “Handmade Vachetta” special promotion starts May 13th and ends May 14th, 2021.

Be the first to receive an MM style of your choice in this exclusive new leather!!

Marco xo

NOTE: Orders can be sent to:

Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges.

Ellen in tan Handmade Vacchetta



ELLEN: € 595,00

LITTLE ELLEN: € 340,00

ASTRA HOBO: € 560,00



CLIO: € 540,00

ALEXIA MIDI: € 570,00


ZHOE LEGEND: € 585,00

ZHOE: € 525,00

MINI ZHOE: € 440,00


MODENA MIDI: € 475,00

SELENE MIDI: € 480,00

MINERVA MIDI: € 565,00

CALISTA MIDI: € 420,00

PHOEBE: € 200,00

PHOEBE + leather strap: € 230,00


Vacchetta skins (natural drying before handmade coloring)

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