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Introducing Velvet Verona!

Dear Customers,

Over the last 2 years the MM Verona leather has been the most requested and sought after leather by our customers. After I created Flor I started working on a new leather based on our popular Verona leather. The Covid pandemic slowed down this project significantly but during the later part of this summer, we finalized and tested a new and more refined version of our much loved Verona. We named it VELVET VERONA.

You can tell from the name that we have created a Verona leather with a beautiful velvet finish, using a process similar to the one used to produce Nabuck and Alcantara leather. Velvet Verona is well protected although the surface is much softer, smoother and lighter than regular Verona. This leather feels delicate to the touch but is a well wearing substantial leather.

Velvet Verona is soft and light but can be used for both unstructured or structured MM styles with the right backing.

Like Flor and Sorrento, VELVET VERONA is a special limited production leather. We are able to order from our tannery a very small quantity of skins in each color. Customers can order Velvet Verona calf starting today through the end of day Monday Sept. 14th.

All items ordered in Velvet Verona by Sept. 14th will receive a discount of 20% + free hardware and lining upgrade. Orders will be accepted on “first come first served” basis. Only email orders will be accepted.

Requests can be sent to:

Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges.

Be prepared to fall in love with Velvet Verona!


Available on request:

PHOEBE in wine Velvet Verona:

Wine Velvet Verona skin (detail):


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