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Review: Iride (by Daphne)

I recently purchased one of Marco Massaccesi’s latest designs from his Spring 2019 season called the Iride. The thing that struck me about this design was the unusual flap design. There are plenty of clutches out there in the world but I couldn’t think of another designer bag that has an asymmetric curve. The swoosh is what makes this clutch unique and the included chain strap gives you the option to wear it as a shoulder bag.

Make no mistake, this is definitely a clutch. Iride is not built to haul everything around but it does carry my essentials with a little room to spare. Its design allows for a two-tone look which makes the bag even more unique. I chose a classic white with a pop of sunshine yellow to make me smile each time I pull it out of the dust bag. But I’m just as intrigued with the idea of an edgy bag for an evening out: a Silver-Black Python print on the flap against a body of black nappa leather…. Part of the fun of buying an MM bag is the ability to dream up a bag that is unique to your personal style.


It is a Phoebe in Fuschia Washed Lamb. The Iride is actually larger than the Phoebe in the eye, but I couldn't quite capture that effect in the photos.


Julie Dorathy
Julie Dorathy
Aug 22, 2019

Is your comparison a fuschia pebbled phoebe? I have that purse!

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