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Verona Last Call!

Dear Customers, As you know last Autumn the tannery that produces our Verona leather decided to discontinue this beautiful and very popular leather. We received lots of requests for the recent Verona skins we had in stock. Many of you wrote to me saying that you love this leather and to try and convince the tannery to restart producing Verona. I tried many times to get them to produce the Verona leather again without success. I am excited to let you know that the tannery found a set of Verona skins while they were making space for the new S.S. 2022 leathers. They contacted me immediately and let me know about the Verona skins. As soon as I received the list of skins I booked all of them due to the popularity! The available colors include many that we previously had in stock as well as a couple of gorgeous new colors. I will be offering a special Last Call Verona discount of 20% off on all orders we receive (beginning June 25th, 2021 / ending June 27th, 2021) for MM bespoke bags in Verona calf leather. This includes a free hardware and lining upgrade. The total number of available skins is extremely limited so orders will be on a first come first served basis. Requests can be sent as usual to: (Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges) Marco xo



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