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60 years of


A never ending love.

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As a toddler, Marco Massaccesi played in his father's atelier, a workshop built on Marco's grandparents' land near beautiful Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region of Italy. When Marco was twelve years old, his father began to teach him how to work with leather. These lessons did not include modern assembly machines or other contemporary ways of quick manufacturing. Marco practiced and mastered the art of leatherworking using centuries' old techniques. The world was a different place then, Marco recalls. A time when "designers were designers for real, and bags were truly handmade in authentic Italian workshops." Working alongside his father, Marco assisted in creating exquisite handbags designed by many famous Italian designers. Father and son crafted each bag with simple tools, a long process that demands an extraordinary understanding of the myriad characteristics of fine leather. When his father retired, Marco remained true to the respected Massaccesi traditions. Implementing old-school methods, he continued to produce handbags of amazing quality and beauty for international designers who sought his particular expertise. Now, after many years of experience at the workbench, Marco has designed his own line of stunning bags, each of which is handmade in the atelier where he once played as a child. His rare ingenuity, unique set of skills, and passion for his art have all come together to give hard-earned and well-deserved recognition to the name and brand of MASSACCESI.


Owner & Creative Director


Handbag Technician


Head of Production

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