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MM Leathers


Bespoke Luxury Bags

Handmade in Italy


Our most lightweight leather!  They possess incredible softness, yet are strong and do not show wear easily.  The slight texture variations are all natural and not stamped.  Our Merinos leathers are versatile in that they suit both unstructured styles as well as structured.  Because they are both durable and lightweight, it is an ideal leather for travel, work, or all day wear.


Nappa is very smooth, glass-like to the touch and pliable.  It has no texture or variations.  It is perfect for the customer that prefers an unvaried, even look both in color and a smooth surface.  It is not as heavy as our Pebbled and Vacchetta leathers.  Its lack of texture allow the handbag design to be highlighted.


Deliciously thick and chewy, they are robust and provide structure.  Our Vacchetta leathers are ideal for a customer that longs to have unique character and varied texture in her bag.  Some of Vacchettas are quite smooth, others full of deep texture.  While they are our heaviest leather, a style such as Selene Midi suits them well and offsets the weight due to the bag design.  They have all been colored by hand, which makes the leather hue uniquely lighter in some areas and darker in others, even the surface can vary from flat to quite wrinkled allowing each handbag to develop individual character.


Perfect for the leather lover that wishes for extremely even texture.  Because our Pebbled leathers are stamped, they provide beautiful consistent texture look throughout the entire handbag.  They are very strong, you do not need to pamper this leather.  The color is quite solid, uniform and unchanging.


Fiore is our aniline - full grain calfskin. Surface shows very little grain and is a much smaller and finer grain  than Pebbled leather. Although it is similar to our regular Pebbled leather Fiore is thinner and more lightweight than Pebbled calf. Results on soft styles are beautiful but it is perfectly suited for structured bags as well.
Fiore colors are well saturated and leather finishing is semi-gloss.


Pompei is perfect to create quite structured bags.  The weight is less than Pebbled and it is thicker than Merinos and Nappa.  It is very smooth, uniform in color and similar to Natural Flat Calf.  It is a long-lasting leather, ideal for daily stress.  The surface appearance itself has a stunning light, not glossy but not matte, just beautiful light.

Glitter Pompei

Glitter Pompei is exactly the same as original Pompei but with a bit of shimmer and sparkle!  Perfect to create quite structured bags, the weight is less than Pebbled and thicker than Merinos and Nappa.  It is very smooth, uniform in color and similar to Natural Flat Calf.  A long-lasting leather, ideal for daily stress. 

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