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Adopt a bag!

June 12th add-ons:

16. CARTELLA in black Handmade Vacchetta (FREE hw, red lining): € 590,00 (PROMO: € 420,00)

17. VICTORIA in dark taupe Handmade Vacchetta (FREE hw, sage green lining): € 610,00 (PROMO: € 430,00)

Dear Customers,

As you know all MM bags are produced according to custom orders and we always try to satisfy all our customers' customizations and special requests. Sometimes there are misunderstandings with a particular request or mistakenly we use the wrong leather or produce the wrong size of a style.

Fortunately this happens very rarely but when it does we set the bag aside before we proceed with the stitching process or sometimes when a bag is partially produced. Over the years we have “parked” some beautiful bags and recently I decided that these bags should be made available to our customers.

Because these bags are partially produced they can be finalized in a very short period of time (approx. 2 or 3 weeks). I am also pricing them at a significant discount: these "nearly-ready" bags can be purchased at a large rebate.

Here is the list of available bags:

1. HERA MIDI in anthracite Pebbled (silver hw, FREE lining): € 450,00 (PROMO: € 340,00)

2. HERA MIDI in cuoio chiaro Cuoio Toscano (light gold hw, beige fabric lining): € 480,00 (PROMO: € 360,00)

3. HERA MIDI in ruby red Merinos (silver hw, purple fabric lining): € 450,00 (PROMO: € 340,00)

4. HERA in raspberry Nappa (silver hw, FREE lining): € 500,00 (PROMO: € 370,00)

5. HERA in medium gray Waterproof Suede / strap in black Merinos (FREE hw, lilac fabric lining): € 500,00 (PROMO: € 370,00)

6. LITTLE CHARLOTTE SATCHEL in fuchsia Sorrento (light gunmetal hw, pink Lambskin lining): € 480,00 (PROMO: € 360,00)

7. JULIET in fawn brown Merinos (light gold hw, FREE lining): € 535,00 (PROMO: € 385,00)

8. JULIET MIDI in copper Diamond (light gold hw, FREE lining): € 480,00 (PROMO: € 360,00)

9. LUCILLA MIDI in dark taupe Positano (FREE hw, FREE lining): € 405,00 (PROMO: € 360,00)

10. CALISTA in dark amethyst Pebbled (light gold hw, dark grey fabric lining): € 400,00 (PROMO: € 325,00)

11. SELENE in dark brown Deerskin (FREE hw, purple fabric lining): € 585,00 (PROMO: € 430,00)

12. SELENE in denim Merinos (FREE hw, FREE lining): € 485,00 (PROMO: € 360,00)

13. LITTLE MINERVA in moro Vacchetta (FREE hw, sage green fabric lining): € 560,00 (PROMO: € 420,00)

14. ARCADIA MIDI in arctic Nappa (FREE hw, FREE lining): € 500,00 (PROMO: € 370,00)

15. CAMERA BAG in peach Pebbled (dark gunmetal hw, dark grey lining): € 355,00 (PROMO: € 195,00)

Please note bags are offered as is. The only customizations available are linings or hardware when noted (FREE) and contrast edge-paint and/or contrast stitching when possible.

You can order your “nearly ready bag” by sending an email to:

Please note these bags will be sold on a first come basis.

Marco xo



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