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Asti | Suede | Aquila

Dear Customers,

Most of us start the new year with a resolution and sometimes an exciting new purpose. Mine as you would expect are always focused on MM. I have lots of exciting new projects that will become a reality during the first few months of 2023. 

The first important update is that I have decided to add Asti bull and Waterproof Suede to our list of in stock leathers! Starting immediately you will be able to choose between 28 stunning Suede colors and 12 beautiful Asti colors to create your gorgeous new personalized MM bag!

The second important update is Aquila Matte will be removed from our leather selection at the end of January. 

To promote these 2 new stock leathers we are offering a 20% discount starting on Jan 26th through EOD January 31st on all Asti and Waterproof Suede orders. (We will also offer a 20% discount for anyone who wants to order an MM bag in the last Aquila Matte skins we have in stock (black, orange, burgundy). 

Email orders only will be accepted. 

Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges. Minimum order amount: € 200,00.

Please send all requests to:

Marco xo


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