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CROCO (Limited Edition)

Dear Customers,

“Marco’s been to the tannery”

MM’s recent leather offerings have been focused towards flat leathers along with some exciting specialty leathers like Flor and Tweed. Due to the increased number of requests for embossed Croco calf leather I decided to visit the tannery and source some additional colors. 

We now have 16 (!!!) stunning new Croco colors to choose from  for your new MM bag. Our Croco has a semi-gloss surface that provides an extremely elegant look. This leather is light weight along with a good consistency / stiffness. It is perfect for creating any MM structured bag but it's light and thin enough to be used for softer unstructured styles. Due to the nature of this leather it is perfectly suited for any of our beautiful MM styles. 

The embossed croco leather is a limited offer similar to Flor and Africa and will not be added to the standard MM leather selections. 

Do not miss this incredible opportunity to order this wonderful leather in these beautiful colors for your stunning new MM bag. 



This special limited production offer is available just for 3 days, starting Wed. Feb. 26th thru Fri. Feb.28th.

Includes free lining and hardware upgrade. 

Email orders only:

Payments: Paypal only.

Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges.


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