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Review: Diana (by Anne)

Hi everyone!

I would love to tell you all about my fourth Massaccesi handbag: the Diane. First of all some information about Marco and his Massaccesi brand.

I really adore Massaccesi handbags. Marco is the owner and designer at the workshop in Italy. He offers his customers a unique bespoke experience, creating a personal relationship with us to ensure that we receive a beautiful handbag that works for our lifestyle at a sensible price level.

It works like this: we are invited to choose from a large range of practical, versatile and gorgeous handbags. They vary from large totes and hobos, to elegant top handle handbags, to classy clutches and practical pouches - there is a design for every lifestyle! We then select the type of leather and have a wonderful choice of colours from neutrals to pastels to brights. High quality hardware selections are available in silver, light gold, light gunmetal and dark gunmetal - these are also aesthetically pleasing. Marco also offers a choice of linings: fabric in a range of gorgeous colours, or lambskin. Finally, we are also able to add or adjust features such as slip pockets or handles, for a small extra cost.

The handbag arrives in a dust bag with a personalised label. From the moment the bag is revealed, you can see the high quality workmanship: beautifully chosen and matched leathers, exquisite stitching and attention to detail, leather edged slip pockets, practical touches and smoothly moving zips. Also, having owned and worn Massaccesi handbags for a number of years, I can honestly say that these bags last.

Customer service is excellent all the way through the process and beyond. Marco and his staff work hard to ensure that we, his clients, are happy and satisfied with his products and any issues are sorted out as quickly as possible, in my experience.

Well, I hope that has given you some useful background information. Now to the Diane...

The Diane is one of Marco’s new designs for 2019: my Diane is in light silver and titanium metallic pebbled calf leather. The shape is so lovely with all of the curves - can you see the clever M? The lining is silver and the fittings are in dark gunmetal. As usual, the quality is sublime. Everything, from the wonderful leather to the smallest details, from the precise stitching to the lining fabric, is really first class.

The front of the bag is in the two colours. The back, sides and base are in titanium; the handles and cross body strap are in the light silver. The metallic finish gives a lovely subtle sheen and is not flashy or cheap looking, but classy and elegant. The handbag is closed with a zip, which is hidden below the curvaceous top edges. Two handles can be worn on the shoulder and are designed to fold down if the owner wishes to use the provided removable cross-body strap. Inside, there are two handy leather edged slip pockets and a large zipped pocket. There is also a metal ring and a clip for keys etc.

The size is a little smaller than my Victoria and midi-zip Selene, but still works well for me. When I carried the Diane for the first time, my handbag liner, full with all my usual paraphernalia, fitted neatly. My water bottle just stood slightly proud of the zip. No problem for me.

I bought the handbag in these lovely colours to wear with my clothes and accessories in grey and contrasting brights. The subtle sheen lifts the whole outfit - even my husband noticed and that is a rare event!

Well, I hope that this “voyage” around the Massaccesi brand and my lovely new Diane has been interesting and useful!

Bye for now,



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