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Dear Customers,

Summer will soon be here and to celebrate the new season every year at the end of May, we offer you the opportunity to order a special exclusive leather. Working with the same tannery that produced Flor Goat, we have created a stunning new leather called GLAMOUR. This trendsetting leather uses geometric 3D printing and creates different color reflections based on different light conditions. The leather used to produce Glamour is baby calf suede which is light in weight and extremely smooth.

Glamour is a versatile leather and is perfect for both soft unstructured as well as structured handbags. This unique and amazing leather is available in 3 beautiful colors, pink, light blue and silver. The tannery is producing a limited number of skins exclusively for MM! This offer will only be available for the next two days (through EOD May 31st).

A very special quote will be offered to those of you who'll send a request to orders@marcomassaccesi by Monday May 31st.

All Glamour orders will be shipped by the end of June.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to obtain one of our most exclusive leathers ever!

Marco xo

Pink Glamour

Light Blue Glamour

Silver Glamour

Astra Hobo in pink Glamour

Litle Selene in pink Glamour


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