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Review: Little Minerva (by Fashionista1984)

How a big bag girl fell in love with the smallest of bags!

From the moment that email came across my desk, I immediately knew I had to have the Little Minerva in Cuoio Toscano leather in Ginger. I instantly replied asking Marco if I could purchase the sample that the model in his promotional email was using. He kindly said yes and less than 3 days later I had this beautiful bag in my hands. I had never done that before. I have purchased over 10 bags from Marco and all have been methodically chosen with in depth thought into every detail. For three days as the bag was in transit to me from Italy, I thought to myself, what have I done? Is this a mistake? What am I doing ordering such a small bag and with such impulse!

Then, I opened that signature white box from Italy. And from my big bag I put in my full sized wallet, my large bottle of antacids, my hand sanitizer, my phone, some papers, a lipstick, a compact, a pouch with my toiletries, small notebook and pen, and my 16 ounce water bottle. And there it all fit. Perfectly. Not like a game of tetris, but all items visible and easy to reach. If I wanted, I could’ve fit my iPad air too. The icing on the cake? The magnetic button closure snapped shut easily and should my husband choose to slam on the brakes as he so often does when we are driving, causing my bag to fly off the seat, everything would (and has) remain securely inside the bag.

The leather, oh the leather. Where do I begin. It is common knowledge Italian leather is the finest leather in the world. Now imagine you have at your very fingertips, what seems like an infinite selection of leather choices from the finest tanneries Italy has to offer. That is Massaccesi. Remember that signature white box? Opening it is an experience that excites all five senses. The sound of the box being opened and the tissue packaging being peeled away layer by layer. The smell that begins to permeate the air of what could only be extremely fine leather. The touch of opening the soft dustbag to be met by even a softer yet thick and pliable leather. Then the sight of this gorgeous one of a kind creation, hand crafted by a leather craftsman who comes from a family of master leather craftsmen. Last, but not least, the taste of the ice cold water you will need to take to calm down over the excitement of receiving what can only be described as a work of art.

The Cuoio Toscano leather offered on the Little Minerva is stunning. It is lightweight and yet thick, soft and durable. The bag comes with two straps. A long crossbody strap and a shorter shoulder strap. Initially I thought, oh I don’t use crossbody bags due to my body shape and size. I find most to be extremely uncomfortable. For the first two days, I left both straps on the bag and realized very quickly I only wanted to use this bag crossbody style. It was so comfortable. I removed the shoulder strap and carefully put it away. Almost 1 month later, I have not changed out of this bag which I have never done in my entire life. All of a sudden my large luxury designer bags are being neglected, and it doesn’t matter, because I have finally found the perfect bag for me.

I am already planning a second Little Minerva purchase for 2021. The wait is not because of pricing- at a starting price well under $450USD, one realizes quickly that Marco isn’t in this to become rich, but because he truly loves his craft. Working with Marco is a dream and maybe the second time around I will make some customizations. Perhaps a small exterior pocket on the back of the bag , or a longer flap, or maybe an extra hole or two on the crossbody strap. I am not sure though, but when the time comes Marco will talk to me and help me decide if it is needed or not. For now though- Why mess with perfection?

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I agree that the Little Minerva is perfect and I love carrying it crossbody style too!

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