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Review: Little Minerva (by TotinScience)

As soon as I saw our dear Marco post a photo of a Little Minerva in tweed calf/dark brown Nappa, I got immediately inspired to request this very bag. Some long shipping days later, she is OURS, precious :D.

The style!

If you like a Minerva, you will like this one - all the elements of the style translated extremely well into this new size, i.e. side pleats, top flap, and front pockets. There is no middle compartment (at least in this particular bag), which works better, since the inner space is much smaller than that of a midi Minerva. As a militant top zipper closure zealot, I was worried about getting a magnet with this sample bag vs. a zipper that I would have customized. However, unlike in a larger sister, here magnet actually holds pretty well, because it's much slimmer profile and lighter.

Capacity-wise, this bag is squarely in the Juliet midi/Siena midi category. I was able to fit a very similar amount of stuff (an extreme example, I wouldn't really carry all that in it anyway):

Ipad Air 2 (the 9.7 inches) A regular Kindle Large sunnies in a soft case Penny mini with headphones A 6x8 in pouch with personal items (lip balm, Advil, etc.) A 3x4.5 in slim credit card holder A huge set of keys Front pockets fit my work ID and a garage clicker nicely.

Additional photos show comparison of Little Minerva with Juliet midi in Citrus Tuscania (both empty), as well as the back view of how Marco coloblocked this style with dark brown Nappa (the bag is jam packed in that one). An interior shot shows standard Massaccesi pockets and cappuccino lining that I am now obsessed with. It's so elegant!

Tweed calf!

I was very surprised to discover that tweed calf has a slight sheen to it. In the sunlight, it takes on a more organic and very beautiful look. I tried to capture it, but it didn't work that well. It's a very soft suede leather to the touch, and IMO, Marco is absolutely right that it would be quite... Jason Pollock-y to have the entire bag in that leather. Dark brown Nappa grounds it and gives this bag a really exquisite look - like a beautiful pastry with glossy ganache and decorative piping :D.

Final impressions!

If you like the way this bag and leather look in photos, you will greatly enjoy them in person. It's gorgeous, unique, and extremely classy. The price I got this bag for is absurd, considering what any other designer with a "real" markup would charge. I am not at all dreaming up a more summery color combination now, no ma'am…


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