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Updated: 5 days ago

Dear Customers,

I am thrilled to announce an addition to our MM collection. After spending a year working on this, we are finally able to offer our own brand of beautiful travel and business bags. Over the past 5 years these have been the most requested items from our customers. We attempted to produce luggage/business bags a number of times with acceptable results. What we learned is that luggage/business bags require very specific equipment as well as the knowledge and expertise that comes from years of working and producing these types of bags. I realized the only way MM can offer top quality travel and business bags is to partner with a small leather atelier who specializes in this area.

I finally located a small local producer and working in partnership with them I have created 3 new items that are a perfect combination of MM’s aesthetic and the functionality of a beautiful travel or business bag.

I am thrilled to finally introduce 3 beautiful styles: a weekender, a travel/business bag and a laptop bag.

These 3 styles perfectly combine my design style along with great functionality, organization, and is comfortable and easy to carry. All the perfect details required to create the perfect luggage/business bag.

These 3 new luggage/business bags will be managed differently in comparison to our MM bespoke handbag service. Due to very specific requirements necessar