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New FIORE Leather

Dear Customers,

I am thrilled to announce the introduction of a wonderful new leather.

We listen carefully to our customers feedback and requests not only when it comes to MM bag styles but also the leathers we source from our tannery. Our goal is to understand what can be done to improve the style, weight and ensure our customers are getting exactly what they need when you order a bespoke bag from MM.

Over the years Pebbled leather has been one of our best selling leathers. This is the leather our customers select when they are looking for a long lasting, hard wearing bag that can withstand the rigors of daily use and look pristine after many years. It's no secret that Pebbled calf is heavier than many of our other leathers used to produce your MM bespoke bags.  We know for many of you, especially those carrying a heavy bag for hours during the day, this is a problem. Thanks to our tannery experts we can finally offer a new leather, similar to our pebbled leather, that is lightweight has a durable surface and is long lasting.

Our tannery uses a premium selection of top-grain splits. In Italian this leather is called "FIORE" or "PRIMO FIORE". We are naming our wonderful new leather FIORE. The grain on this leather is smaller and more refined than our regular pebbled offering. Fiore due to the characteristics and softness is suitable for any MM style both structured or unstructured.

We are proud to introduce Fiore leather in 14 gorgeous colors.  To promote this new MM  leather we are  offering 20% off on any Massaccesi bespoke bag starting  Saturday Jan. 25th ending Monday Jan. 27th.

This includes a free lining and hardware upgrade. Pricing for Fiore is the same as our pebbled leather.

A big thanks to you our customers, I hope you are as excited as I am about this amazing new leather offering from MM.


Email orders only: Payments Paypal only. Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges.

Details of all in-stock Fiore colors:

NOTE: Modena Midi is first style added to our eShop in Fiore leather.


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