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& MM's Ready Made vs Bespoke Manufacturing Introduction (Starting June 1st, 2024)

Dear Customers,

I am thrilled to introduce some exciting new items we have added to our collection. It is a set of accessories I designed that are extremely practical and useful. These bags will carry just your essentials and replace having to carry a large MM bag. Perfect for both summer holidays and as a stadium/concert bag where bag sizes are restricted.

The new "Venice Crossbody" is a soft, lightweight and comfortable crossbody bag that combines a clean look with zip and interior pockets and holds more than you would imagine. The beautiful "Milano Sling Bag" is a revised version of the sling-bag that so many of you requested and have been eagerly waiting for since Summer 2023.

Finally 2 flat pouches that can be used inside your MM bag or alternatively as a standalone handheld that holds just your necessities when you want to run a quick errand: a cell-phone, credit cards, money.

We have decided to change our production and pricing structure starting June 1. The change to our production strategy is that we will be providing more ready made bags. We will start having ready made bags of our more popular styles in our most popular leathers. The MM bespoke option will still be available at a different price point to the ready made collection. These options will be available starting with the introduction of our lovely new Milano.

We will have ready made Milano Sling Bags in 5 different Merinos leather colors. These bags are currently in production and will be available for shipment before the end of May. The available merino Milano bags are Black, Caramel, Ocher Yellow, Cuoio and Dark Red.

If your preference is a BESPOKE version you will be able to order a personalized version of the lovely new Milano and the gorgeous Venice at a special introductory price through Friday May 10th. Details are shown in the images below.

Email orders only. Shipping fees apply. No returns or exchanges.

Requests can be sent to:

Much love,




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