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Next MM style.

Dear Customers,

We're working on new handbag patterns based on existing MM styles.

We thought it would be nice to involve you and get your input.

Which style would you like MM to create and officially add to our collection?

Choices are:

- Large Aurora

- Modena Midi

- Large Daphne

- Hera Midi

Let us know your choice!


Patricia MacIntosh
Patricia MacIntosh
Dec 29, 2019

Please consider a Modena Midi! This is a wonderful bag and the midi size would be so practical and elegant when you need something with an extra dose of urban chic! Here's hoping...


Large Aurora or Hera Midi would be my vote


Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson
Dec 10, 2019

I would love to see a Modena Midi! I think Modena would make a great east west satchel by reducing the height. Check out this mockup:


Midi Hera, please...

But most of all, I dream of a Theia Mini!!!

I love the shape with the curved edges / no corners... I find curved bags easier to care for,- corners get scuffed so easily. And corners hit my fellow passengers on the metro,- it is easier to move around with a rounded shoulder bag.

I love the adjustable strap and elegant conversion from shoulder to cross-body ...

But what I like the most is the leather band that runs all the way around the bag.

Because the shoulder strap connects to this band, the bag can carry heavy loads without the short ends of the bag being stressed / bent (as will happen with Zhoes and Auras).…


Large Aurora or Hera Midi

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