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Positano Nabuk

Dear Customers,

A special new limited leather is here for you! I am pleased to introduce POSITANO, a new leather to create your stunning Spring/Summer Massaccesi bag!

Positano is a pure aniline leather with a nubuck surface, tanned with oils and waxes to enhance its natural nap. It has a natural grain and a lovely soft feel. The slightly napped surface is created using a special process that gives Positano a rich, luxurious look. Positano is suitable for both structured and unstructured Massaccesi styles.

Thanks to our exclusive agreement with the tannery we work with, I am excited to offer 18 stunning colors. This is a very rare opportunity as it is extremely difficult to find both classic and especially fashionable colors in Nabuk (Italian translation of Nubuck).

Nubuck leather is normally one of the more expensive leathers we provide. I am thrilled to announce that we will be offering POSITANO at the same price as our basic leathers. Additionally all nubuck orders received by EOD April 18th will receive a rebate of 20% off!

Don’t miss this great opportunity!

Marco xo

Email orders only will be accepted.

Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges. Minimum order amount: € 200,00.

Please send all requests to:


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