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Pre-fall Special Leathers: Fiore in stunning new colors and an amazing new matte goat!!

Dear Customers,

Being a small independent brand I and the entire MM team know how tough times force us to fight against all our fears and limitations. We have always realized that positivity and belief in our ability to change our future enables us to find the resources that we never expected or knew we had. Our goal even during these difficult times is to bring something beautiful into MM customers' lives. We worked hard with our tannery to give you the opportunity to obtain two beautiful and different leathers.

First one is “FIORE”, a semi-glossy calf leather that we introduced a few months ago. Fiore received extremely positive comments from our customers. Fiore combines Pebbled leather strength and durability with less thickness, smaller grain and, most of all, a much lower weight and increased softness. Colors we are offering for this special event are from the new A.W. 2020-21 colors collection.

Second special limited production leather is “SORRENTO”, an extremely lightweight matte goat leather with a beautiful natural grain. The vegetable tanning process

emphasizes the typical natural leather veining and wrinkles, creating a stunning more natural leather look. In terms of weight Sorrento is comparable to our classic Merinos.

Both leathers work perfectly for structured or soft styles. The Fiore new colors and the matte goat are limited production leathers. The tannery is doing a special limited production run on both these leathers specifically for MM. These special leathers will not be part of the MM inventory of available leathers.

Customers can order any MM style in Fiore or Sorrento leather between Friday July 10th through Sunday July 12th. All orders placed during this promo will obtain a 15% OFF and free lining and hardware upgrade!

Inquiries and orders may be emailed in care of

(shipping fees apply – no returns or exchanges)

Welcome to MM new season!

Marco xo

FIORE (Wine)


FIORE (Orange)


FIORE (Mushroom)


FIORE (Taupe)


FIORE (Dark Green)


FIORE (Antique Pink)


FIORE (Gentian Blue)


FIORE (Celeste)

Sleet Grey

FIORE (Sleet Grey)




SORRENTO (Dark Grey)


SORRENTO (Deep Blue)




SORRENTO (Autumn Leaf)


SORRENTO (Dark Teal)


SORRENTO (Byzantium Purple)


SORRENTO (English Red)


SORRENTO (Dark Brown)


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