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Review: Theia Midi (by Daphne)

Hobo lovers will enjoy the Theia Midi. The interior volume is large but not as large as a tote. I would say that the Theia Midi can carry twice as much as a Zhoe or Victoria Midi, but about half as much a Selene Midi or Soulmate Midi. My standard contents, which includes a Flora and a Kindle, fit in this bag with room to spare.

This particular bag is in the Limited Edition Velvet Verona leather which looks like suede but feels like the fuzz on a peach. The colors I selected were Wine contrasted with Cuoio Toscano in Natural which will hopefully darken as it develops a patina. The lining is Cappucino which matches the Natural Cuoio Toscano trim.

I opted for several customizations which include:

• Swapping the standard Theia Strap with a Hera strap.

• Opting for lighter backing so that the bag will start to slouch faster.

• Removing the standard half moon on the body to draw the eye on the details on the Hera strap.

As you can see, there is plenty of room to customize and make a Massaccesi bag your own. I like the Theia design as it lends itself to dramatic color-blocking while being a supremely practical bag that sticks to your shoulder like glue.


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