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Review: Sabrina (by TotinScience)

Massaccesi Sabrina: 2+ years later.

Sabrina was my very first foray into the wonderful world of Massaccesi handbags. Like many others, I became a TPF member just so that I can tap into the wealth of knowledge possessed by incredible MM fans. All original plans to start a MM journey with a classic style of Aphrodite went out the window when Marco introduced a Sabrina, as foldable and convertible styles are my kryptonite. I believe my Sabrina was one of the earliest produced by the workshop and is probably the first one in a colorblock style. 2+ years later, this bag remains one of my all-time favorites, and I hope you will discover her too!

The leather!

Leather lovers across the world don’t need much of an introduction to Nappa, as this term is frequently used to describe a full bodied, soft, and smooth type of animal hide. However, Marco’s Nappa, in my opinion, is in a league of its own. It has gorgeous drape and sheen to it that one can’t get from just any brand. The leather smell is simply divine, and color saturation is extraordinary. My Sabrina comes in two colors, chocolate and black, which is a classic combination with just enough contrast to give a bag a new edgy dimension. Of the two leathers, black is the one that truly steals the show. If you wish for a truly luxurious black that looks good in soft and textured styles, look no further than this particular MM Nappa. As a side note, this leather has very little natural variation to its surface, so if you appreciate a bigger grain, Verona might be a better option for you. Either way, you will win!

The style!

Sabrina might just be one of the most versatile handbag styles in Marco’s collection. For a daytime, it works as an incredibly stylish messenger bag with flaps either thrown dramatically on one side to showcase leather layers or split symmetrically for easier access to the bag’s contents. My Sabrina is full size, which makes it suitable as a lighter load everyday work bag. Additional customization included a zippered closure, which comes in handy when I don’t want to fuss with top flaps and have an easy, but secure access to my belongings (standard version is a magnet). This bag fits a decent amount, considering just how narrow it is, but this thin profile absolutely commands carrying flatter items. If you wish to transport some bulkier fare (water bottle, a light sweater), other MM styles like Calypso, Theia, Minerva, etc. would be a more practical choice. Sabrina CAN fit a 13-inch MacBook Pro, but its weight puts a lot of strain on the bag and there is no room for anything else save a phone. With that being said, here is what fits comfortably in this bag:

An 9.7 inch iPad Air 2 in a thin case

VH card holder

VH pouch with personal items

A pouch with a flat power bank and cords

MM Little Penelope

Large sunnies in a soft case

A Kindle

A huge set of keys (not shown)

A flat back panel pocket is perfect for keys and a work ID.

In comparison photos, Sabrina is shown next to a Soulmate midi, a true Massaccesi classic and a longtime fan favorite (here is the most accurate representation of Sabrina colors). With a messenger strap attached, Sabrina clocks in at 1.8 lbs. empty.

The greatest advantage of this style is its ability to effortlessly go from daytime to nighttime depending on how it is worn. Carrying Sabrina as a shoulder bag, a handheld, or a clutch adds architectural drama to any outfit. Personally, I am not a chain strap person, but other ladies deployed it as a contrasting metallic element on their Sabrinas with a killer effect. It should be noted that when unfolded, full size Sabrina IS a large bag, so for a petite person a midi version might be a more sensible choice, However, if you are tall and/or like a little extra flare to your style once in a while, the big sister will deliver all that AND some larger capacity.

2+ years later!

It is easy to immediately appreciate the beauty and thoughtful design of Massaccesi handbags. Durability, however, is the quality that can be only tested with time. My Sabrina is a bit over 2 years old - not a very long time to reveal true longevity of a quality handbag. Yet, even at this point it is apparent that this Sabrina is aging beautifully. Leather has softened some, giving additional loveliness to its drape, corner wear is very minor, and edge painting is holding up well, save a few minor cracks. Remember how I mentioned that Nappa has an amazing smell? It is, in fact, so enticing that my 6 months old, 10 lbs. puppy managed to overcome challenging obstacles (a massive duvet cover, a chest lid, and a dustbag) to get her paws on this deliciously smelling object. And yet, Nappa withstood a puppy attack, with only a barely noticeable patch of scratches to show for it. That being said, the bag now resides in a place that requires at least 4 feet of height and opposable thumbs for access. The dog is bit bigger now, but it is not helping her case any.

Final verdict! Every single time I carry this bag, I ask myself why I don’t take it out more often. The answer is, of course, because I want to give other bags a chance. However, after two years together I am looking to many more in the company of this gorgeous, stately, and to me, quintessentially MM beauty.

Hope this review helps someone!


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