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Review: Soulmate Midi (by Daphne)

One of my favorite designs by Massaccesi Handbags is the Soulmate Midi, a medium-sized tote that drapes gently down your side. Due to the graceful folds, this style works best in a soft leather like Tuscania, Verona or Pebbled. When the bag is fastened shut, the folds of the closed bag reminds me of a butterfly’s wings, so there are plenty of design elements in this seemingly simple style.

The standard Soulmate design comes with a center separator that you can choose to remove if you prefer a big center compartment. However, I like that separator because it keeps me organized and provides a secure zipped pocket for my valuables. In fact, I think the center separator makes this bag perfect for travel because you can secure your passport and big bills in there while having the rest of your items easily accessible. It would be pretty hard for a pick pocket to work a hand in between all the folds, unzip the center compartment and get to your valuables without you noticing. Plus, I like the idea of keeping my electronics isolated on one side of the bag and away from liquids.

My bag is in Iris Blue Verona and I opted for a yellow lining to mirror the colors in a Siberian Iris. Verona is one of my favorite leathers because it is naturally textured and extremely durable. In fact, my bag is about a year old and I can’t see any wear all. Soulmate comes standard with dual shoulder straps and a long, adjustable messenger strap. The default color for the straps is a dark brown Nappa but like everything else in MM world, it is perfectly OK to change that! After consulting with Marco on possible colors, I chose Nut Nappa which I thought would lighten the overall look. I also requested Marco to lengthen the shoulder straps by 2 inches for my preferred drop.

My favorite MM bag is the Zhoe, but second in line is the Soulmate Midi because of its usability and the way that it feels like a comfortable old friend as it hangs there at my side. I’m sure the two of us will be together for years to come!


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