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Special Leathers - Clearance Sale 2021

- Bronze Africa: sold out

- Coquelicot Orange Verona: sold out

- Purple Africa: sold out

- Tiffany Blue Pebbled: sold out

- Dark Green Verona: sold out

- Midnight Blue Diamond: sold out

- Everose Diamond: sold out

- Sapphire blue: sold out

Dear Customers,

The MM workshop needs a bit of free space and to do this we need to reduce our huge stock of leathers for future MM new leathers. We have lots of gorgeous leather/color combinations that were not part of the MM leather inventory. These rare leathers are either specialty one off leathers or were part of a special leather promotion.

I am excited to announce that tomorrow (Feb. Fri 26th) and Saturday (Feb. Sat 27th) it will be possible to book these gorgeous limited availability leathers. This special promotion comes with a 20% discount and includes free hardware and a lining upgrade.

Orders can be sent to:

All sales are final (no refunds, exchanges or order cancellations).

Shipping fees apply.

Quantity of available skins is extremely limited so orders will be managed on a first come first served basis.

Marco xo


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