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Introducing Stardust, our gorgeous new limited production leather.

Dear Customers,

When the Covid-19 pandemic began last February I promised myself and all of you that we would face the storm our way: instead of allowing ourselves to be governed by fear, sadness and despondency we decided to face the situation head on and focus our energy on our work. We accomplished this in a number of ways. First by providing outstanding quality and in turn bringing some joy and positivity to our customers. Additionally by offering some special unique and different leathers along with some interesting new styles.

I want to end this “crazy” year by offering a gorgeous new leather. Introducing “Stardust”, a beautiful and unique calf leather with an extremely elegant and delicate glitter effect.

The Stardust surface is very smooth and can be used to produce both structured and unstructured styles. As well as being very refined and sophisticated, Stardust is an incredibly thin and light leather. It is the first new MM leather that is lighter than our popular lightweight Merinos leather. Customers concerned with the weight of large shoulder bags can comfortably carry these styles using Stardust. It is also very well protected so does not require extra care to prevent leather wear.

Similarly to how Sorrento and Velvet Verona was produced, our tannery has agreed to provide a special limited personalized production run of Stardust specifically for MM customers. Our agreement with the tannery is to place all MM customer ordered skins on Tuesday Dec 22nd. Estimated delivery of Stardust skins from the tannery will be around the 2nd week of January. Once we receive the skins the customer orders will be immediately put into the MM production schedule.

The Stardust limited production end of year holiday promotion is available starting today through end of day Monday December 21st. All items ordered during this period will receive a 20% discount and includes a free hardware and lining upgrade. Orders will be accepted on a “first come first served” basis.

Only email orders will be accepted.

Requests can be sent to:

Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges.

Best wishes and happy holidays to you and your family,


Clio in blue moon Stardust

Clio in nut Stardust


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