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Velvet Verona

Dear Customers,

I am excited to announce that Velvet Verona has been chosen by some of the best Italian tanneries as their TOP leather for A.W. 2022-23 and S.S. 2024 seasons. I have decided to add Velvet Verona to the MM list of stock leathers. Starting immediately Velvet Verona colors are listed on the “MM Selection” page of our website under the leather section. Some customers might remember about 2 years ago MM offered Velvet Verona leather. Although Velvet Verona was very popular the tannery produced very few colors and for a very short period of time.

Velvet Verona leather is created using the same type of calf skins used to produce Verona, one of our best selling leathers ever. The stunning velvet finish comes from the same tanning process used to produce Nabuck and Alcantara leather. This leather feels delicate to the touch but is a well wearing substantial leather that can be used to create both unstructured or structured styles. The Velvet Verona surface does not require the same extra care that similar leathers like Nabuck or Suede do. The natural protection level is much greater without compromising its softness and light weight.

I’m pleased to offer you the opportunity to choose between 16 gorgeous colors. Customers who order a Velvet Verona bag between Friday Dec. 17th and Tuesday Dec. 21st will receive an amazing discount of 25% off!!!

Email orders only will be accepted.

Requests can be sent to:

Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges.



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