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Verona: last available skins!

Dear Customers,

As some of you already know our very popular Verona leather went out of production at the end of November.

Due to the popularity of this gorgeous leather I made special arrangements with the tannery to have access to all Verona colors that are currently available through the end of this year. You can find all available Verona colors on the Verona leather page under the “MM SELECTION” area of our website.

Last orders for Verona leather will receive a 10% off promotion including a free hardware and lining upgrade from Dec. 1st to Dec. 31st. After that date Verona will be removed from our list of available leathers. Colors that go out of stock during the promotion will be immediately removed from our list. Currently there are 15 colors you can choose from, including 3 colors (Lime, Desire Red and Light Baby Blue) that were never added to our collection.

As usual orders can be sent to:

(Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges)

Stay healthy and safe!




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