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Waterproof Suede - Limited Leather

Even though we are still working on finalizing orders from our latest promotions I made the decision that mid August was the ideal time to offer a limited production special leather. This will give you more choice of leathers for your A.W. 22-23 new MM bag. Many of you asked why we have never offered Suede leather. It was a personal choice made due to my concern that with Suede leather there is a possibility of color transfer and water damage. This summer the tannery we work closely with has produced a special Suede that is treated with a waterproof coating as well as a treatment to prevent color transfer!

This beautiful Suede is more expensive than most regular types of handbag Suede. My goal is to offer our MM customers high quality leather products at a reasonable price.I am thrilled to introduce our gorgeous new Special Suede:

This new Suede can be used to produce any of our MM styles. The thickness and weight has been significantly reduced and the softness of this Suede leather is absolutely amazing. I am sure you will all fall in love with our stunning MM Suede. For the first time ever the tannery is allowing us to order this incredible Suede in 28 beautiful colors!!! Here they are:

You can order your MM bag in Suede leather starting today through August 25th. To promote this special leather I have decided not to apply the premium leather price list but to use the same price as our basic leathers (i.e. Nappa, Merinos, Pebbled, etc.). Any order for Suede confirmed by Aug. 25th will also receive an additional 15% off!!! This is a total saving of 30%.

As usual orders can be sent to:

Enjoy MM Suede!!!

Marco xo


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