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Astra Collection preview

Dear Massaccesi Customers,

I promised lots of new MM projects would be finalized before the 2020 Autumn - Winter season and, just a few weeks after CLIO release I'm excited to introduce our beautiful new MM collection named ASTRA!

The Astra collection is made up of 3 stunning new styles: an extremely elegant midi size satchel, a gorgeous hobo and an amazing crossbody bag. All 3 Astra bags can be produced in any of our leathers. I designed these 3 styles so that you have the choice to select either 1 color or to combine 2 colors. Two colors gives you lots of fun and interesting combinations to dream up.

As with Clio, Astra Hobo and Astra Crossbody can be ordered with either a short strap, a shoulder strap or a crossbody strap to better fit your needs.

Additionally for our customers who prefer a softer style bag we are offering an unstructured version of Astra Hobo. The Astra Hobo unstructured will have no backing and we recommend selecting a softer MM leather.

MM’s Astra collection will be officially added to our eShop by October 5th, 2020. In the meantime it's possible to order your personalized style of Astra collection writing to:

Welcome to MM’s latest creation: ASTRA!

Marco xo



Top width: 10" (cm. 25,5)

Max. width: 12.2” (cm. 31)

Height: 8.3” (cm. 21)

Depth: 4.7” (cm. 8,5)

Top handle drop: 3.3" (cm. 8)

Top handle max. width: 1.4" (cm. 3,5)

Removable adjustable strap average length: 41” (cm. 104)

Removable adjustable strap average drop: 20.5" (cm. 52)

Weight: 1lb 11.33oz (0,775)

PRICE: € 460,00



Top width: 7.8" (cm. 19,8)

Max. width: 9.8” (cm. 25)

Height: 8.6” (cm. 22)

Depth: 2.7” (cm. 7)

Removable adjustable shoulder strap width: 1.2" (cm. 3)

Removable adjustable shoulder strap average length: 44.1” (cm. 112)

Removable adjustable shoulder strap average drop: 20.5" (cm. 52)

Weight: 1lb 12.22 oz (kg. 0,800)

PRICE: € 400,00



Top width: 9.8 (cm. 25)

Max. width: 11.6” (cm. 29,5)

Height (middle point): 9.2” (cm. 23,5)

Depth: 3.1” (cm. 8)

Flap width: 2" (cm. 5)

Removable strap width: 1.6" (cm. 4)

Removable strap length: 26.4” (cm. 67)

Removable strap drop: 13" (cm. 33)

Weight: 1lb 14.33oz (Kg. 0,860)

PRICE: € 430,00


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