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FLOR LEATHER – Final opportunity.

We have cut all the orders for the FLOR Goat leather we received (many of them have already been shipped and some will be shipped over the next couple of days). We wanted to notify all customers who are interested in this beautiful leather, with the skins we have left we can accept orders for the following:

- Medium Grey: 4 bags

- Dark Teal: 3 bags

- Taupe: 2 bags

- Dark Blue: 2 bags

Quotes can be requested at:

Orders will be accepted on a first come first served basis.

As I indicated when we initially introduced Flor Goat we will not be able to reorder this leather from the tannery, It will never be added to our list of available leathers. This is your last opportunity to order a beautiful MM bag in this gorgeous Flor leather.


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