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HMV / Old Brass

Dear Customers,

As I announced a few weeks ago I am back in action and I want to start the new year trying to please as many customers as possible!

The most requested leather in 2023 was Handmade Vacchetta and the hardware was Brass! I am excited to introduce two beautiful new Handmade Vacchetta leathers. I know that many customers will be equally as excited about this new introduction. To introduce these two new HMV colors I will be offering a 20% discount on all HMV leather bespoke handbags as well as a promotional price for brass Hardware of € 20,00 per bag instead of the usual price of € 75,00 per bag.

As you can see below I've added 2 extremely elegant and rare colors to our Handmade Vacchetta collection: an incredibly elegant teal and a stunning and vibrant purple! I'm sure you'll fall in love with these 2 rare gems as we did here at our MM workshop! These 2 new HMV leathers were created exclusively for MM. They're absolutely unique!

The 20% discount on all 8 Handmade Vachetta leathers along with the promotional price for brass hardware will be available through EOD January 13th.

All requests can be sent to:

Shipping fees apply. No returns or exchanges.

SLGs are excluded from this promo.

Let your creativity flow!

Marco xo




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