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Re-introducing Sheen leather!

Dear Customers,

I'm proud to announce that 2021 for MM starts with a completely unexpected surprise announcement. Sheen leather was initially introduced many years ago but has not been available for quite some time. After numerous requests to the tannery they have finally agreed to produce a limited set of SHEEN calf colors specifically for MM customers. This special production run is being made available for a limited time starting today Sunday January 17th. You will be able to choose from 10 beautiful Sheen colors and obtain a 15% rebate on each order placed for this very special and loved leather.

I have received more requests for Sheen leather in the past 2 years than any other leather.

I understand exactly why it's so popular: Sheen is not only incredibly lightweight but also rich with saturated color on its unique broken in surface. This leather is the perfect mix between originality and lightness!

Many of you already know how unique this leather is so there's not much else I can add. This is a special and limited opportunity to add a Sheen leather MM bag to your bag collection.

Orders for this limited Sheen leather promotion are available starting today Sunday Jan. 17th through EOD Wednesday Jan. 20th.

Enjoy our limited Sheen Collection!

Marco, xo

Promotion includes a 15% rebate and free lining and hardware upgrade.

All requests can be sent to

Shipping fees apply - No returns or exchanges.


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